• Brooklyn Vegan

    The long-abandoned, sprawling 1930’s art deco bathhouse at Riis Park in the Rockaways is reopening as part of the Riis Park Beach Bazaar. While there is still a lot more renovation work that needs to be done, they’re opening areas of the bathhouse that haven’t been accessible to the public for decades.

  • Gothamist

    After being abandoned for years, the sprawling Art Deco beachside bathhouse at Jacob Riis park will finally reopen this July. The fine folks at Riis Park Beach Bazaar, which already hosts live events and pop-up food vendors at another building steps away, is responsible for the reopening and renovation of the grand old structure. A soft opening is scheduled for the July 4th holiday, with official opening events taking place on July 7th and 8th.

  • Urban Matter

    Independence Day is once again making its annual debut and NYC is hella prepared. If you’re still discussing plans with your friends and family, here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate the 4th of July in NYC.

  • Gothamist

    Rockaway Beach proper is having its issues in the early going of Summer 2018 with a prime stretch of the beach closed, but just a couple of miles to the west Jacob Riis Park opened strong this past Memorial Day weekend. There were large but manageable crowds lounging and frolicking before the park’s charmingly decrepit Art Deco buildings. There were vast expanses of that sweet, sweet sand. And, as has become custom out here these past few years, there was a lot of very good food to eat (and plenty of booze to drink) all along the concrete boardwalk, curated by the Riis Park Beach Bazaar. Here’s a look at all your food options at Riis Park this summer, including offerings from a couple of notable newcomers.

  • 6sqft

    Located right next to Fort Tilden, Jacob Riis Park tends to be a bit quieter than Rockaway, in part because it’s harder to get to (you can take the A to a bus, or drive, or bike), and also because it lacks some of Rockaway’s trendier amenities. Still, Riis Park is no ghost town, and crowds gather in the summer to post up on the beach’s pristine sand and enjoy the Riis Park Beach Bazaar, where you can score bites from a rotating selection of vendors and purchase drinks and crafts. Be sure to take in Riis Park’s famous abandoned Art Deco bathhouse, commissioned by Robert Moses in 1933.